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Teamwork makes the dream work

A place where science and practice meet and reinforce each other

Leading Insights

Leading Insights, headed by Prof. Katrien Fransen, is an expertise centre of KU Leuven, linked to the department of movement sciences. A two-fold aim drives us. 

  • On the one hand, we conduct innovative scientific research, both within sport and organisational contexts, which allows us to maintain our pioneering role in the future. For more information on our previous work, we refer you to our research page
  • On the other hand, we find it of utmost importance to translate these scientific insights in practice. In this way, we hope to support organisations and sport teams in boosting their performance and enhancing the well-being of their team members. 

Therefore, our team encompasses not only doctoral students who guide the different streams of research, but also consultants with elaborate practical experience, and professors who coordinate their cooperation.

We are proud to introduce our team to you:

  • Katrien Fransen

    Professor leadership development and founder of Leading Insights

  • Filip Boen

    Professor of sport and exercise psychology

  • Niels Mertens

    PhD student on leadership development in teams / Consultant

  • Charlotte Edelmann

    PhD student on leadership development in organisations

  • Radhika Butalia

    PhD student on the cross-cultural aspects of leadership

  • Mario Hendriks

    Senior consultant leadership development

  • Elvire Verbaanderd

    PhD student on leadership in diverse contexts