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Shared leadership and releasing control sometimes feel like a leap of faith. However, sharing responsibilities appears to be a very strong motivator for employees, which not only enhances their mental well-being but also boosts their performances. Research confirmed that organisations that choose for shared leadership rather than hierarchical top down leadership are more effective and perform better.

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Despite the promising potential of shared leadership, the implementation in practice does not always seem to be straightforward. How can I identify the best leaders in my team? Rather than having only one good leader in the team, our experience has taught us that leadership talent is spread throughout the team. And how, then, can I maximally develop the leadership potential of my employees?

To give you an answer to the questions above and to help you effectively implement a structure of shared leadership in your team, we offer you the following services.

  • Inspiration sessions

    Our lectures serve as a source of inspiration in which we share our scientific insights and real-world experiences, as well as useful guidelines to implement shared leadership in practice.

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  • Assessments

    Our Shared Leadership Mapping visualises the otherwise invisible structures of your organisation and gives you a crystal clear view on who the key leaders are in your team.

    Our Social Insights Mapping maps out the social relationships in your team.

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  • Development programs

    Our development programs help you to harness and further improve the leadership potential in your team and to strengthen the team's joint identity ─ team members' sense of 'we' and 'us'.

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