Leading Insights in the media

Who’s in charge here? The case for shared leadership.

An English interview of Andy Gillham with Katrien Fransen on her research line on shared leadership.

Podcast, Bridging The Gap, 2 januari 2017

Shared leadership in a team of teachers like in a soccer team

In this Dutch interview, we share insights on how shared leadership can also have many benefits in the educational context, both at the class level and within the teaching staff.

Interview in Klasse, 19 juni 2018

Better to have four bosses in the workplace than one who does everything.

This Dutch interview offers insight on how our findings on shared leadership in the sporting arena can be translated to the workplace.  

Interview in Het Nieuwsblad, 31 juli 2017

Captain is not necessarily the best leader: Shared leadership seems to be more effective

Dutch radio interview with Katrien Fransen in the show 'Bonus' on the Radio 1 channel with Kristien Bonneure on the importance of shared leadership within sport teams and organisations.

Radio interview, Bonus - Radio 1, 29 juli 2017

The manager is not always the best leader

Dutch interview with business magazine ManagementTeam on the importance of shared leadership and the different leadership roles that can be occupied by the team members. The article also covers the application of our Shared Leadership Mapping for organisations and the importance of a shared sense of 'we' and 'us'.

ManagementTeam.be, september 2016

Finals of the Flemish PhD Cup

Katrien Fransen participated in the first Flemish PhD Cup and finished at 4th place. The following video fragment, the interview with Ivan De Vadder, and the popularising article ─ all in Dutch ─ resulted from taking part in this cup.

Researcher from the Kempen participates in the prestigious Flemish PhD Cup: “Red devils need real captains”

Dutch interview with Katrien Fransen as a result of her place in the finals in the first Flemish PhD cup, a contest in which scientific research gets translated to the broader audience.

Interview in Nieuwsblad, 28 september 2016 & KU Leuven Blogt, 21 september 2016

Researcher Katrien Fransen on leadership in sport: Coach often appoints wrong player as captain

Research findings show that the title of captain only rarely belongs to the best leader. Other players on the team (the informal leader), rather than the team captain, often take the lead, both on and off the field. 

Dutch interview in De Standaard, 9 september 2014

Captain, but no leader

Dutch article in science magazing EOS on the role of the team captain in sport teams. Although captains are often expected to be the best leaders on their team, only in 1 on 100 teams, they are actually perceived as best leaders by their teammates and coach. The article sheds light on why captains are appointed as captain in the first place.

EOS, 24 januari 2013