Inspiration sessions for organisational leaders

Are you searching for inspiration on how to harness the talents in your team to the fullest?

Do you want to bring your organisational leaders together to learn more on shared leadership?

Are you looking for an inspirational speaker for your event?

Then you are in the right place here!

During this workshop we inspire organisational leaders (CEO's, team managers, HR-managers) on how to maximally utilise the leadership potential in their team. We start sharing our insights of our research with sport teams, to then translate these findings to the business world. We do not only share the latest findings from our scientific research, but also offer practical guidance on how leaders can effectively share their leadership in practice. 

Which insights are you taking home?

  • Inspiration to share the leadership in your team
    Be inspired by the added value that shared leadership can offer for your team's functioning, its performance, as well as the well-being of your employees.
  • Appointing the leaders in your team
    The formal appointment of leaders or roles in your teams offers various opportunities but also entails some pitfalls. Learn more about these boundary conditions and how to avoid that the informal leadership talents in your team remain unexploited.
  • Insights in the leadership roles that team members can occupy
    Learn more about the diversity of leadership responsibilities that can be shared with team members.
  • Reflection on your own role as formal leader
    Learn more about your own talents as leader and how you can join your strengths with those of your employees.
  • Practical tips & tricks about the transfer to practice
    We translate our scientific findings to practice and provide specific guidelines which you can use to strengthen the leadership potential in your team and hence maximise your team's chances of success.

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