Social Insights Mapping

A visual map of the social relationships within your team

Our Social Insights Mapping relies on an online assessment in which players rate their social connectedness with each of their teammates. Players can complete this assessment at home, which takes maximally 10 minutes of their time. The result is a crystal-clear view on the social relations within your team.

The resulting report encompasses the social network, as well the associated gauges and detailed scores for each team member, which together provide insights in the otherwise invisible network that unites your team. 

The aim of Social Insights Mapping

  • This social connectedness analysis distinguishes the key figures who are socially well-embedded in their team from teammates with less social connections to others. This information has a significant added value when identifying the athlete leaders in your team. Research has established that it is important for athlete leaders (and the social leaders in particular) to have an adequate support base in their team. We therefore use the insights from this network in our suggestions for the appointment of social leaders.
  • In addition, we are convinced that it is equally important that you obtain insight in who is positioned at the periphery of the network. Where are the newcomers situated? Are there any players that find themselves in isolation? This analysis gives you a chance to intervene early on and better integrate these players in the team, so that further isolation or conflicts can be avoided.
  • Finally, this analysis offers you insight in the invisible structure of your sport team. Is your team one united coherent group or are subgroups (cliques) disturbing that cohesion? Furthermore, this analysis provides clarity on which of your players function as bridge builders to bring these subgroups together.


The resulting leadership report is treated confidentially and is only shared with you as coach or sport psychologist. The results will not be shared with individual players. When combined with Shared Leadership Mapping, both assessments will be integrated.

Interested in a Social Insights Mapping for your team?