5RS Program

The 5RS Program

Do you want to combine the strengths of a shared team identity with the benefits of shared leadership? Then our all-in 5RS program is your best choice. 

Learn more about the benefits of shared leadership.

In this program, we guide teams to implement an effective structure of shared leadership. First, we rely on the obtained insights of our Shared Leadership Mapping to appoint the right leaders in the team. Next, we further develop their leadership potential throughout this program. Cultivating a culture of shared leadership requires a substantial change of attitude, both for the formal leader and for the employees. Coaching and guidance in this trajectory therefore is not an unnecessary luxury

By giving your leaders the chance to voice their ideas, to come up with new objectives and implement them in practice, you give them the opportunity to further develop their leadership potential. In this way, you can optimally harness the leadership talent in your team, of course always guided by you as formal leader. 

In a first step, we identify together with you as formal leader the most essential leadership roles within your team and organisation. These leadership roles will be our core focus during the rest of the process. Next, our Shared Leadership Mapping will visually map the leadership structure in your team on each of these leadership roles.

Appointing the right leaders to each role already constitutes an important step to boost the motivation of these appointed leaders to fulfil their role well. Indeed, the appointed leaders will feel supported by their team, and know that their leadership is not only accepted and supported by their colleagues, but also is expected in difficult circumstances. Therefore, these leaders will be more inclined to take up their responsibility when being formally appointed in their role, which is essential for an effective and healthy working environment.

Next, we go a step further by developing the leadership potential of the appointed leaders. Previous research pointed here at the importance of identity leadership, aimed at cultivating a shared team identity. Throughout this program, we teach the appointed leaders how to further strengthen this shared sense of 'we' and 'us'. This not only causes them to become perceived as better leaders themselves, but also constitutes an important lever to maximise their impact on the team's functioning and their colleagues' well-being.

This shared sense of 'we' and 'us' is improved throughout 5 different phases: Readying, Reflecting, Representing, Realising, and Reporting. Each of these phases is focused on one central question, that we are happy to present in the following summarising figure of our 5RS Program.

In practice

We start with an orientation meeting with you as formal leader in which the following topics will be covered.

  • We clarify the outline of the program, as well as the underpinning theoretical principles.
  • In dialogue, we decide on the further course and the timing of the program.
  • Together we identify the essential leadership roles in your team.

Based on this exploration we set up an online assessment, as part of our Shared Leadership Mapping, that needs to be completed by each of your team members.

  • We bring the resulting insights for you together in an enlightening feedback report that we will discuss with you as formal leader.
  • Together we will then come to a decision of which team members are ideally appointed as leaders in the team.

Furthermore, we will guide you together with your team throughout the 5 workshops of this program.

  • We implement a structure of shared leadership and strengthen the shared identity in the team.
  • During the process we foster a high level of independence, which should enable the team to continue the process after completion of the program, even without our guidance. 
  • Thanks to this short-term intervention, your team can thus continue to grow to a more successful and healthier work environment. 
  • If you like additional guidance in this long-term process, this is of course always possible.

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