5R Program

The 5R Program

Our evidence-based program provides formal leaders with the opportunity to grow, together with their team, in 4 half days to a stronger sense of 'we' and 'us', in other words, a joint team identity. We do not only reflect on what makes the team unique, but also translate this renewed team identity into practice, thereby taking concrete steps towards an improved team functioning. 

This 5R Traject was developed together with our Australian colleagues Prof. Alex Haslam and Prof. Nik Steffens of the University of Queensland. The 5R name stands for the 5 different phases, each starting with an R, that your team will complete; Readying, Reflecting, Representing, Realising, and Reporting. Each of these phases focuses on one central question, presented in the figure below.

In practice

  • We start with an orientation meeting with you as formal leader in which the outline of the program is clarified, as well as the underpinning theoretical principles. In dialogue, we decide on the further course and the timing of the program.
  • Next, together with you as formal leader, we guide the team through 4 workshops, each lasting for half a day. The first workshop will include the Readying and Reflecting phase, the second workshop the Representing and Realising phase, followed by 2 Reporting workshops.
  • During this program, we will provide you as formal leader with all the necessary tools that will allow you to cultivate this shared team identity. As a result, you will be fully prepared at the end to further continue the program on an independent basis.
  • Of course, if you want additional guidance in this process, that is always an option.

Combination with shared leadership?

Do you not only want to increase the team's shared identity but also harvest the benefits of shared leadership by joining the forces of the formal leader and the leaders within the team? Then our all-in 5RS Program is your best choice. Please click below for more information.

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