Leadership in academic settings

Quantitative study

Analyses on the level of formal leadership behaviours

Each leadership role consisted of one or more leadership behaviours (you can find the full descriptions of these behaviours here). For the sake of clarity, we focused earlier on leadership roles. However, here you can find some additional information and analyses pertaining to the leadership behaviours. 

Perceived relevance of formal leadership behaviours

Similar to the data presented for the leadership roles, the subsequent table presents the percentage of participants that indicated a specific behaviour to be (1) not relevant; (2) relevant but not fulfilled; and (3) relevant and fulfilled. 

The table contains both the findings for the leadership roles (e.g., External leader), and the behaviours corresponding to that role. Important to note is that participants rated the roles and behaviours in the survey separately.

Formal leadership behaviours related to outcomes

The following table displays the correlations between the formal leadership behaviours and the different outcomes.